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Hi, I'm Michael 🎹

Piano Teacher, Accompanist, Performer

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A little about me

I am a classically trained pianist with a Bachelors in Piano Performance from Western Washington University. I began studying at the age of 4 with my dad before eventually moving to study with teachers in Chicago and in Seattle. I have enjoyed playing a wide variety of music, especially pieces by composers such as Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, and I also enjoy exploring modern and contemporary composers. In addition to playing, I enjoy teaching students of all ages to help them become well rounded musicians and to help them play and discover music that they love.

At WWU, I enjoyed collaborating with string players and singers, as well as ensembles like the New Music Ensemble. I studied with Milica Jelaca Jovanovic, Jeffrey Gilliam, and Kay Zavislak there. I teach piano lessons in Bellingham, WA, Mount Vernon and online.